Friday, April 24, 2009

Fishing Knots

This is something that so many people overlook when they are fishing. They may have all the right components to catching fish but if your not is insufficient then you will not have a fun day of fishing. Here are a few things about knots.

Fluorocarbon is a great tool that should be used at least in any situation where you are fishing bottom baits or baits that require extra sensitivity. Sometimes I swear I can feel the fish breath on my bait. Anyways, here is the knot I use and I believe most other anglers use as well called the Palomar knot.

Keep in mind that Fluorocarbon line does tend to get damaged a lot easier then monfilament line. This not needs to be wet before cinching it down. If it is not wet in some for or fashion then it will have a stretched or twisted look to it. In this case that not is not good anymore, cut off and try again. This knot works extremely well with monfilament line as well. I once watched a fishing show where this knot, on fluorocarbon line of 10lbs test, when pulled on, broke at 30 lbs of pressure.

Another knot I use for monofilament line is the Triline knot. A solid strong knot that is very fast to tie just like the Palomar knot above.

This knot does not have to be wet when tied either. I will also use these same two knots, depending on the bait I'm throwing, on braided line as well. These two knots listed above should help you lose less fish and have a more enjoyable experience out on the water.