Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Hollow Bodied Swim Bait Tweaks

These little baits have become all the rave, and for good reason. Awesome little baits that are versatile and actually catch a ton of fish. Im not got ramble about brands and colors and all that cause I believe as long as they have action they are all good baits and they all have a purpose. Here are a few things to try when fishing these little guys that might get a couple more bites. 

1. Fishing these weedless is the obvious and most common. But what about in open water? Rigged with a treble hook is a must. There is not a ton of ways to rig the treble but it will improve hook ups. 

2. Don't alway swim these baits. I have drop shoted and jigged these baits as much as I swim them. Jigging these baits with a fish shaped lead head is lethal on my home lake. Try it where you are.  

3. Use red hooks. Mix it up now and then, when you know the fish are there but not biting use a red hook. That one little tweak could blow the bite wide open. 

4. Belly Spinners! Belly Spinners! Belly Spinner! 

This is a good time near the rocks. You can also swap they blade out on some brands and use a smaller colorado blade. With a colorado blade you can now fish these baits in semi muddy water. 

5. I always use some type of scent, always! The brand doesn't matter much as long as the smell matches the forage of the bait. 

Hope my little tweaks will help in your swim bait success.