Sunday, November 1, 2009

P Line

So I have been a user of p line for the last few years and Im starting to wonder why? There are so many types of fishigig line out there why do I seem to keep coming back to the P Line? Well I dont want to rag on anyones product but here are a few things i founf while using P Line.


1. P Line is wallet friendly. It is far more cheaper than say Seagar, Yozuri, and Berkley.

2. Like I said, i dont want to sound like im bashing P Line but thats about all its good for as far as Im concerned.


1. It seems to be very fragile. As soo as you spool it no matter how careful you may be, you can feel small little inperfections in the line by sliding your fingers down the line.

2. Knot stregth is horable.

3. If you get one little back lash its over.

Anyways, just wanted to share me 2 cents.
If anyone has anything to add feel free.

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