Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fishing Rods

Fishing rods come in all different brands, sizes, stiffness, materials, and so on and so forth. Its really hard to find a fishing rod that has the right price tag and enough sensitivity or durability to make do. There may not be one specific brand that is right for all styles of fishing but I have a few that get the job done with a price that works for my fishing budget, which happens to be pretty small these days. Below I have listed a couple fishing rods that I prefer and they cover any type of fishing you may do. 

If you like the peace of mind of having a warrenty on your fishing rod i would suggest St. Croix fishing rods, the avid series and the mojo bass series. They are all durable rods with good price tags. I have broken two avid series fishng rods by my own stupidity. I told the nice people at St. Croix exactly what happened, not expecting them to uphold thier warrenty because it was not a factory defect. They took care of me no questions asked. The Mojo bass fishing rods come with a five year warranty. The Mojo series is priced anywhere from $100 to $130. The avid series rods come with over 20 different bass fishing techniqes styles. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The price ranges from $170-$230. Also in addition to the warranty, St Croix has an upgrade program where at any time you can send in your fishing rod ( as long as you are the original owner and warranty shows that) and pay only a few more dollars for a higher model. For example; I purchased a avid sereies drop shot rod. After breaking it by wacking it against the side of the boat i sent it in broken to be repaired. I pad only the difference from the price I paid orriginaly which was $120 and paid $75 to get the legend elite fishing rod that cost around $200 at the time. Plus shipping and handleing.

The newest fishing rod that I have started using is the Skeet Reese series fishing rods by Wright & McGill. Now besides being used by arguably the best fisherman on circuit, Skeet Reese, Wright and Mcgill have what they call Tessera S-Curve blanks and the Tri-Gressive S-Glass. The price of these fishing rods are priced at around $89. They are also technique specific. Thier crankbait rod is my favorite by far. To boot it has a limited lifetime warranty.i dont ows any of the finnese fishing rods from Wright and McGill but the crank bait rod and the jig rod are hands down best ive ever fished with.  I could spend $300-$400 and get the same quality but that dosnt make much sense.

Well this is just my two cents. Hope this will help in your endeavor to find a good fishing rod with a nice price tag.

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