Friday, January 16, 2009

My First Crankbait

So I went out today and picked up a new airbrush. The last one I bought was practically useless because is would only spray a 3/4 inch pattern. I picked up the Iwata airbrush and I'm in love. It will do everything I need it to I just have to learn how. I picked it up pretty fast and the createx paints I used were a lot easier to handle and clean than the laquer im used to.

So I did up a couple of cranks for the first time and thought I would show them. I still need to get some techniques down and get some more creative patterns but this is what I got so far. The picture quality is not that great, I took it with my cell phone.


  1. Not a bad start, I am sure it will catch a few. I think the biggest thing is having patterns that are unique and not the same as everybody else is what gives you the advantage

  2. Yes! Thats what Im aiming for. I only have a couple colors right now but Im picking up some tomorrow. Thanks for the input.