Saturday, January 3, 2009

Top 4 Top Water baits

Here are my favorite 4 top water baits that I like to throw, and a tid bit on how I like to throw them.

The frog has been for a long time a big fish bait. If you have never fished one of these baits I strongly recommend it. I like to fish this bait in the thickest nastiest vegetation I can find. The two retrieves I use are walk the dog and your regular twitching retrieve. This bait is also very effective near standing timber.

The wake bait is a lure that has really started to make a name for itself in the last 5 years. There are a hundred different types of wake baits made today. This one is made by 3:16 Lure Co, Wake Jr. These work great near long point near deep water, and over the top of shallower rock piles. When using the wake jr a normal cast and slow retrieve is most effective.

The Zara Spook is one of the oldest top water baits on the market. This bait is a very simple but effective bait to use. Cast out as far as you can, and walk the dog back. It may be necessary sometimes to kill the bait and let it sit there for a few seconds.


Finally the buzz bait. These baits have there place in history. There are many tune ups and adjustments you can make to these baits to make them preform better. The trick to the buzz bait is finding the speed to fish it. The fish are either gonna like it burned fast or slow rolled. fish this bait over structure, grass, tulle's, etc. I like to keep the bait in the strike zone for as long as possible so my preferred method is reeling as slow as I can but so that the bait stays functional.

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