Saturday, December 20, 2008

Law Inforcment and Fire Tourney

So in May 2008 we traveled to Clear lake for a law enforcement and fire tournament. This was a great tournament put on by Sonoma County Sheriffs Department. It only cost $100 dollars per team. That included payouts to about 5th place, as much tri-tip and hot dogs you can eat, a raffle with literally 100 prizes, and free beer. Not to mention half the money went to the sheriffs department.

I'll make a long story short for you. My fishing partner ken and I started out in Soda Bay. I was throwing a 6" osprey and about 20 casts into the day she hit it, an 8.66 lbs giant, the biggest bass I have ever caught. Needless to say the bite turned off after that. Ken was able to put 4 more in the boat that day as I tried to be a hero with the swim bait. I guess it worked out for us. We took 3rd and big fish of the tournament by one tenth of a pound. It made for a good little payout and an even more enjoyable experience.

I will defiantly be at this tournament if it is held again in 2009. Great atmosphere for the whole family, good food, great raffle, and a good time.

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