Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Skinny Dipper

The skinny dipper is made by reaction innovations. Its about 4" long and has this little paddle like tail on it. I have to admit that at first glance this little bait is nothing more than a glorified senko. I just so happened to have a rod in the car with me so I stopped by the lake on the way home from the tackle shop. (if your married I don't recommend having a lake on the way home from the tackle shop). The only thing I had was a couple of dart heads so i rigged the little dipper on a 3/16 oz. dart head from the shore.

I was bouncing the bait like a dart head. It was almost an hour before I got my first bite. Shortly after that I stuck the first fish. It was no more than a pound on its best day. Non the less it was more than I was expecting to catch. So I called it a day after that.

All in all I give this bait a thumbs up. It definitely deserves another chance off the boat instead of the shore.

Cost: $4.79/pck 9

Fish: 1

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