Friday, December 26, 2008


The spinner bait is by far one of the most popular lures for bass anglers. Think back to the last time you were out on the lake and had a hard time getting that first bite. If you didn't already have a spinner bait tied on, I bet you thought about tying one on. This bait is really one of the most versatile lures in our sport. It can be fished at most depths needed to catch those bass and under any conditions. You can throw it anywhere on the lake, into cover, flats, bait balls, you name it.

So lets understand the spinner bait a little more here. Most spinner baits are composed of wire formed into an "L" shaped pattern. Attached to this wire will be a swivel and a blade ( or multiple blades), a weight, a skirt, and a hook. Now there are variations to the basic spinner bait but for the sake of descusion in this blog well just stick to these components.

The most important features when selecting a spinner bait are going to be water color, bait or forage your imitating, and blade shape. Lets start with water conditions. In muddy water I throw my blacks, chartreuse, reds, and sometimes white. Fore clear water try to match your bait fish as close as possible to color and size. I use my salt and pepper, rainbow, chartreuse, purples, and greens.

The main colors I tend to use.

Blade shape can be very vital to the productivity of your spinner bait. There are two types of blades you will see on these baits. One being the willow leaf blade and the other being a Colorado blade. Each of them are equally as important and its important to have both styles in your box. Now these blades vary in size as well.

The willow leaf blades is more sleek and slender. It has a skinny profile that allows it to sink faster and be retrieved faster.

The Colorado blade is more rounded and allows the bait to sink slower. It also allows for more vibration to be put into the water for the bass to feel. They are generally used for slower retrieves.

Hopefully this helps next time your out and want to pick up that spinner bait.


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