Friday, December 26, 2008

Lure Making

If anyone has ever tried to make a lure, no matter what kind, shape, or size, its not as easy as people make it look. You have probably read articles or watched video on this subject that fool you into thinking that you can just whip one of these babies up in just a few minutes. Truth is, the people that actually sit down and write articles about making lures, do so because they have done it time and time again and have a good system to do it in a timely manner. With that being said, I'm not trying to disparage anyone from making their own lures. Its a great hobby, a means for a little fishin cash, but most importantly there will be that one creative person every now and then that comes up with their own little twists and end up inventing this new lure that takes the fishing world by storm.

There's just something about catching a fish on a lure that you have made from beginning to end, it's very very rewarding. Ive only made a few lures that were actually successful, most of them jigs. Jigs are probably the easiest to make and as far as time goes. For very little money you can buy some lead, mold, hooks, rubber or silicone, and some powder paint, and be on your way.

I'm currently working on getting more supplies so that I can put some post up with picture of the process and the final results. Stay tuned for that.

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