Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Rigging The Huudleston

So let me start off by saying that there is no right or wrong way to rig your hud. Here's a few things that I do to my ROF12 that seems to improve my hookup ratio. notice I say hook up ratio, I have yet to really find a way to get the fish to bite the bait a bunch more, but when they do it seems that I hardly ever miss them. Take the tips you might like and use them, and just disregard the rest.

Most people like the Huddleston ROF12. In most cases these baits are gonna be swimming pretty close to the bottom in most lakes. Therefore I don't care to have hooks on the bottom of the bait. It doesn't make sense to put hooks where they can get snagged more often.

1. I cut off the stock hook.
(If your want to leave the stock hook I would recommend sharpening it.

2. Then I use 60lbs braid and tie a double clinch knot.
Also glue the knot with sum kind of strong glue.

3. Then I tie a size 4 Gamagatsu treble hook so that when the knot is clinched, it sits right next to the dorsal fin on the bait.

4. Now just rub on your favorite scent, give it any last minute touches and start chuckin that puppy.

The only other recommendation I can give if this doesn't work, repeat the steps twice so that you have two hooks on two separate leaders. Then put one hook on the each side of the bait. This will help when the fish are attacking from the side.

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