Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My Favorite Swim Baits

1. By far my favorite swim bait would have to be the River 2 Sea bottom walker. It comes in five sizes and 12 colors. I use the 4'' silver side mostly. This is a small profile bait that swims right along the bottom and in my opinion is the most versatile. Another good thing is that this bait is only about 10 bucks for a 3 pack.

2. My second favorite swim bait is the ever popular Huddleston. This has the perfect size for my local trout. Its 8 inch profile makes for a good meal for a spot of large mouth. These are a little more pricey making me weary of fishing them near cover. These run about 25 dollars now. What I like about these is that there are many way to tweak and tune them to your fishing style. One thing I always do with these baits is cut the gill with a razor blade and color it red. Then you stick a little piece of a toothpick i there to make it stay open. To me this looks more realistic to fish that may be trailing the bait.

3. Finally the last swim bait I use is the basstrix. This little bait can be fished in the thick cover. I love fishing this little guy in the Delta because of the numerous amounts of tulles and thick vegetation. They come in 5 and 6 inches, and about 15 colors. I have also had great success using these baits in shallow flats. I have had more hit on this bait than any other swim bait in my arsenal.

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