Tuesday, December 23, 2008

When the Bite Gets Tough

Most people say that when the bite gets tough, slow down. Well I like to take a little different approach to tough times. I go to the polar opposite and speed up. For instance the other day I was out at a local body of water that is fed from the bottom of another lake. This water is cold year round but being that its December, its down right frigged. I knew the fish were there somewhere but I couldn't seem to get them to bite on anything.

Originally I was fishing fish a Zara Super Spook and had no takers on the top water. Switched to a small baitsmith swim bait that has a slow rate of fall. No taker there either. Next thing I tried was slow rollin a spinner bait near the bottom. No taker again. Now I know this body of water well so I knew the fish where there, I just wast giving them what they needed. By this time I'm very frustrated and ready to call it a day. Well what the heck, I'm gonna tie on a speed trap and just give her hell.

First cast with the speed trap I catch a 3# smallie. Second cast burning that speed trap, another 3# smallie ( thought it was the same fish for a second). I said to myself, "well that was fun, lets do it again". So I cast out to the same spot and for the third cast in a row I get another 3# smallie. I couldn't believe it. After that I found no more fish but it sure made for one heck of an outing.

I thought outside of the box and did something different and I was rewarded for it. Remember when times get tough to go to the polar opposite of whatever it is your doing. More times than not, I think you'll find that it will produce.

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