Saturday, December 20, 2008

Strugling Economy

Man oh man have times become hard. With the tough economy how does anyone afford to go fishing anymore? The truth is a lot of people don't. So what are us fisherman supposed to do? Well I've come up with a few things that may or may not help you out. It works for me so maybe you can tune this to fit your lifestyle.

My planning before a fishing trip starts long before I even know the day that I wanna go. It starts with saving money everywhere I can in order to keep a little extra change in my pocket. Where I noticed the biggest saving for myself was cutting out coffee and energy drinks. Everyday I go to work I would stop to get a coffee for now and an energy drink for later. So that alone was close to $7.00 I was spending before I ever got to work. For all the mathematically impaired people out there that adds up to $35.00 a week. For me that's half of a tournament entry, or gas for the boat, or a swim bait, or, well you get the picture. Cutting out on things that are not something you absolutely need can go a long way.

Another way I started to keep a little change is eliminating bank fees. Taking money out of the ATM for most people costs about $2-$5 dollars. I was getting money out one time a week so that saves me about $10.00 a month right there. I just go into my bank to get money out now. They don't charge me for that. Figure out how you can get money out of your account without being charged by the bank. It your money, you should have access to it when you want it for free.

I also found that I was getting lazy with my bills. I would wait until my bill was late before I got around to paying it. Not because I didn't have the money but because I was being lazy. For instance my cell phone bill would cost me about $60.00 dollars a month. When I'm late paying it I get charged $10.00 from Verizon. All adds up doesn't it.

So these are just a few ways I start saving for a trip before I even know I want to go. Keep track of that cash your saving so that when you go fishing you know that its with money you have saved. Also it makes the trip more enjoyable knowing that I worked for this chance to catch that donkey bass.

I would love to hear how other people save a little change. If you have any good ideas just post it here, thanks.

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